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“For the past five years we've been using your company and you have provided us with qualified, well-trained and exemplary wait staff, bartenders, and kitchen staff. In my 28 years in this industry I have employed the services of many different temporary help agencies. Event Temps is without question the best of Boston.”
– Owner, private upscale caterer

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How do I place an order?
Call 5:30am to 5:30pm, 7 days a week. Give us the details and your order will be confirmed immediately. For clients with approved credit, our payment policy is net due in 14 days. Visa® and MasterCard® are also welcome.

How far ahead do I need to call?
No reservations are required. We love advanced notice, but if you have the order, we have the people, regardless of when you call.

Do you provide certified bartenders?
Event Temps has certified Bar Code Trainers on staff. All bartenders are certified through the National Restaurant Association.

Is your staff trained?
All banquet wait and bar staff attend a comprehensive information session before finalizing their position on our roster.

Do you provide background checks and testing?
We verify all Social Security numbers for work eligibility and CIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) clearance, and we provide multi-state criminal record checks when requested. We check references and provide written tests for bartenders, wait staff, and cooks.

What do they wear?
We provide the attire of your choice. Traditional tuxedo, white wing-tipped collar shirt, black vest, bowtie, black pants and black shoes. White or black oxford with straight black tie, black pants and bistro apron or any combination of the above. Please ask if you are looking for something in particular. Culinary staff wears white kitchen attire. You can always count on a clean, pressed, and consistent look.

Are you Insured?
Every worker is an Event Temps employee and covered under our insurance, which includes workers compensation, general liability, auto liability, and liquor liability. Event Temps is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Occupational Safety, and complies with the IRS and Mass. Department of Revenue regulations regarding temporary employees.

Do you offer event planning services?
We would be delighted to assist with your event planning needs. Our staff of experienced catering professionals can consult with you and provide recommendations or referrals for your next event.