Event Temps
Verve Servers
Client-Home & Office
“Being part of the Event Temps staff has been an amazing journey for me. Not only have I learned a lot about the business and how to be a valued team member, I've (also) learned humility, patience and understanding the client's need. You have always been there to listen to me and have tried to address any problem I had to the best of your ability and I greatly appreciate that. Probably the best part of my experience with Event Temps is the people I've met and worked with.... You have some amazing people on your team.... Mark, you can be a tough ass sometimes but, you've proved on many occasions you truly care about your people, and your business.”
– Tracy G.

Food Service Companies
Hiring Waitstaff, Bartenders and Cooks
Experience is preferred, but we are happy to train bright, cheery individuals with a great attitude for serving others.

Work around play
You sign up for the shifts that fit your schedule.

Easy event sign-up system
24/7 access to our online scheduling system.

Top Pay
$12-$18 per hour depending on experience, position & transportation.

Online Employment Application

Online Employment Application