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“You guys are the best agency to work for in Boston. You are professional and organized. It's been a pleasure working for you.”
– Eric J.

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What You Need to Know

How do I sign up?
Go to our online applications.

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Individual Time Sheet (PDF)
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When do I get my uniform?
As soon as you are scheduled for your first shift, make arrangements for a uniform.

Am I an employee or an independent contractor?
The IRS and Event Temps consider you an employee, not an independent contractor. As an employee, you not only pay less in taxes, but you receive the best benefits package in the industry.

Is there full-time work available?
Most of our positions are part time; however, there is full-time work available for qualified staff.

Do you have to have experience, or do you provide training?
Experience is preferred, but for banquet wait staff we will train well-groomed and educated people who have excellent communication skills and a desire to serve others.

Do you have to have a car?
Many of our shifts are accessible by public transportation. For those that aren't, we have an excellent car-pool system that matches up drivers and passengers. If you have a car, you can earn extra money, but it is not required.

Do you have any other non-food service or hospitality positions?
Not often.

Do you have any positions available in the evening, starting after 5:00 or 3rd shift?
Not often.